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New Members for 2017 Season

New Member Club Affiliate
Marian Bagnall Dennis Pines
Karen Burns Ridge Club
Paula Cloud Achusnett
Cass Costa (rejoined) Quashnet Valley
Joanne Crowley Bass River
Janet Dewar The Cape Club
Janet Dinarello Lansbrook Golf Club
Joan Forrester Rotonda GolfClub
Judy Freeman Olde Barnstable
Gail Hickey Cranberry Valley
Teresa Kennedy Thorny Lea
Christine McGowan Sandwich Hollows
Debra Pane (rejoined) Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds
Midge Stone Hatherly Golf Club
Kelly Sullivan Rennaisance
Anne Tarallo Thorny Lea
Lynda Thompson Pocasset


Season Winners 2016

Championship September 15 & 22, 2016

      2 Rounds -- Bass River and Quashnet Valley

Individual Low Gross Stoke Play - 31 Competitors - 13 Seniors

Player Division Award
Flora Gaudet Senior/Gross Division Winner
Carol Rodrigues Senior/Net Division Winner
Joan Hay 3rd Flight (Flight C) 1st Place
Carol Nash 3rd Flight (Flight C) 2nd Place
Sara Mantineo 2nd Flight (Flight B) 1st Place
Chris Hardy 2nd Flight (Flight B) 2nd Place
Darlene O'Keeffe 1st Flight (Flight A) 1st Place
Kara Peterson 1st Flight (Flight A) 2nd Place
Bridget Hippler Championship Flight 1st Place
Sheila Stackhouse Championship Flight 2nd Place

Highest Level of Participation in Tournaments - 25 Tournaments

Player Played/Credits Place
Maisie Wall 23 1st Place
June Mikila 21 Honorable Mention
Kara Peterson 21 Honorable Mention
Pegy McEvoy 21 Honorable Mention

Most Improved Player -- Handicap Index USGA Formula Calculation

Player Begin-End Improve Ratio Award
Kara Peterson 19.8-13.7 1.24 Winner
Sue Johnson 25-19.6 1.15 Honorable Mention
Karen Lacouture 25-19.6 1.14 Honorable Mention

Memorial Tournament Winner Sally Tuck – TGC, June 2, 2016 – Low Net Champion - Score 68

Player of the Year - Point System Calculation - Lowest Score 10, Second 7, Third 5, Fourth 3, Fifth 1 - 21 Rounds - Qualifying for Competition

Player Points Played Scored Award
Doris Shelnut 56 14 11 Winner
Betsy Dripps 47 8 5 Honorable Mention
Joan Kettendorf 46 12 6 Honorable Mention
Diane Conrad 42 19 11 Honorable Mention

      Hole in One Cathy Pavlas 10/27/16 - Holly Ridge - Par 3 - 92 Yards


The League had 27 Total Tournaments Scheduled throughout the Season

15 - Spring/Summer Session - 1 Cancellation (Ocean Edge)

12 Summer/Fall Session - 1 Cancellation (New Seabury Dunes)


The League would like to give a SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to the following ladies who have been members for AT LEAST 25 years or MORE!

      Pavlas            Adams

Cathy Pavlas - 1975 --  Louise Sullivan - 1986 -- Lois Adams - 1989